Hiring an Estate Agent to Maintain Your Rental Property

 May 08, 2017
Hiring an Estate Agent to Maintain Your Rental Property

One of the important decisions to take when looking for tenants is if you need to hire an estate agent or property manager. Renting your property requires lots of research work and greater commitment that many owners do not have the urge or time to put into it. A good real estate agent will manage both positive and negative aspects thus, making life easier and convenient. Make sure you check the qualification and experience of the agent before hiring someone to manage your property.

Job responsibilities of a property manager

Your estate agent will act as a mediator between you and your tenant. If there are any issues related to damaged property or delayed payments, the agent will handle deals these issues professionally and avoid any unnecessary conflicts. He will rent your house, collect the money, provide debt-collection service, organize necessary repairs and maintenance and deal with various bill payments. The property manager will also provide management service so that you do not waste your money and time. Some responsibilities of the agent are:

  • Proper advertisement and marketing of your valuable property
  • Screening and sourcing prospective tenants
  • Managing the financial accounts
  • Completing property inspections on a constant basis
  • Doing necessary repair work and maintenance

Working with the tenants in your rental property

According to letting agents in London Bridge, you might not know about the entire process of renting property when planning for it. An estate agent can help search for suitable renters to avoid vacant property and long term income loss. They will use marketing tactics to ensure that your property can be seen by prospective tenants. The estate agent can show the property to tenant and help get the right value for your house.

Apart from showing your  property to prospective tenants, agents are involved with professional screening of the tenants to help you select the right tenant and allow them to have access on tenancy. By conducting proper inspection, the estate agent will be assured that the tenants are keeping your property in good condition.

The property manager works as a negotiator between the tenant and the landlord. If the tenant has any complaint or any call need to be made for repair, these can be managed easily by the property manager. They also ensure that both the parties can clear their misunderstandings and resolve issues.

Dealing with necessary paperwork related to property

When managing rental property, the estate agent has to handle lots of paperwork that include rules and regulations, lease contracts, agreements for repair and maintenance and much more related to property.Lettings agents keep important files in an organized way and stay updated on the present market to help you with investment matters. By keeping this in mind, the agent can help decide if it is the right time to increase rent or make necessary repairs o n your property.

There is actually lot of hard-work and dedication that goes in managing your rental property. It is advised to hire an estate agent who can suggest necessary repairs, serious problems in the house, marketing the vacant home and property maintenance to increase its worth over time.