Great Tips when Looking for a Pet Friendly Property

 Jun 15, 2017
Great Tips when Looking for a Pet Friendly Property

Being a tenant, one of the most important things to show your landlord is that you are a responsible person who knows how to take care of your pet. Check out 8 tips to find a good accommodation for your pet.

  • Do not look for a place last minute It is important to spend sufficient time before looking for a pet friendly property. Start your search 6 to 8 weeks in advance before you think of moving out.
  • Try to be flexible as much as you can – According to estate agents in se1, the more restrictions you make on your search, the more difficult you will find to get a pet-friendly home. It is advised to be flexible on different kinds of properties as well as location since this will increase the chances of finding the right property to stay with your loving pet.
  • Provide information about your pet – You can provide information to the landlord about your pet. Add contact details of veterinary practice and someone who will take care of the pet, in times of emergency. Try to include the details of last vaccination of your pet to ensure complete safety. You may ask your previous landlord to give reference that your pet is well mannered and did not cause any problem in the previous property.
  • Pay higher deposit amount for your pet – Many landlords are highly concerned about pets as they can cause to their property. You might be asked to pay higher deposit amount as you will be staying with your pet. By offering the needed amount to your landlord, you will reassure them that you agree to pay for any damage caused by your pet on their property.
  • Clean the house by hiring a professional – Estate agents in SE1 find that often landlords worry about pets as they may lead to flea infestations, make the carpets and furniture dirty. You may think of hiring the service of a professional for cleaning the property and make your landlord feel satisfied.
  • Get written agreement from the landlord – You should get it in writing from the landlord that you can keep your pet in the house. This will help you stay away from unnecessary problems in future.
  • Make moving day stress free for your pet – When you decide to move into your new house, think how you can make the day stress free for your pet. You can ask your close friend or relative to take care of your pet for the day.
The above-discussed tips will help you search for a pet-friendly accommodation where you can stay safely and securely with your cute pet.