Frequently Asked Questions Renters need to ask their Landlords

 May 29, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions Renters need to ask their Landlords

Are you searching to rent a house? Do you have pets at home? Well, everyone will not be willing to rent house as you have a pet. Make sure you know about the rules and regulations and ask necessary questions to the pet owner. This blog discusses about some questions you should ask your landlord before renting a house. Talk to the estate agents in Elephant and Castle if you are planning to stay there. 

Do you need to inform your landlord you will move with your pet?

If it is mentioned in the agreement that you are not allowed to stay with your pets, then you must seek permission of your landlord before taking your pet to stay with you. However, if it is not mentioned in the contract, it is still worth informing them as it means some change to the agreement and deposit money.

Does your agreement say no to pets?

You need to talk to your landlord if you are taking your pets to stay with you. If it has been written in the contract that you will not take pets, then make sure they enter the house only when your landlord gives permission to it.

Do you need to tell the landlord if you stay with a pet?

Yes, you will have to inform your landlord because if it was not mentioned in the agreement you are not allowed to keep pets, then you are actually breaching the contract and the landlord can force you to leave the house.
What should you do if your pet damages the property?
If your pet damages a certain part of the property, you will spend money to repair it. It is important to inform your landlord about it and get it replaced/repaired, as per the need.

Can your landlord ask to deposit more money if you stay with a pet?

Yes, if you are having a pet, your estate agents in SE17 may think you have more chances of damaging the property. As such, he/she may ask you to deposit extra money or amend the agreement for a fee.

What should be done if property listing does not have anything about pets?

It is always a wise decision to read beforehand if the agreement says no to pets. This will enable you to save yourself from the hassles and pay extra fees for keeping your pet.
Thus, when you decide to rent a house and stay with your pet, make sure you consider all your options and then choose the one based on your requirement. Talk to the landlord in case the contract says that you are not allowed to stay with pets. Make sure you stay with your pet only when the landlord allows for it otherwise, you may end up paying extra fees for the pet.