4 Easy Tips to Get Buyers Queuing Up for Your Home Any time of Year

 Apr 13, 2017
Easy Tips to Get Buyers Queuing Up for Your Home Any time of Year

You’ve finally decided to sell your home. It often seems a daunting decision to make but once you have, you want finalise a buyer pretty soon. But you’ve probably been told to hold off till spring. The majority of people believe, the best time of the year to sell a property is spring, when sales pick up. 

According to experienced estate agents in SE1, this is a severe misconception that most people have, when it comes to London’s all year housing market. Follow these simple tips to get buyers queuing up at your door, any time of the year. 

  • Choose the right agent: Renowned agents may not be really enthused to sell your ordinary house, which will bear an average cost. They’re more interested in closing deals that involve high-end properties. Nor should you hire an agent, whose overzealous and overly familiar personality will scare away prospective buyers.
  • Select a virtual agent online: Conventional fees of any realty agent is about 1.3% the selling price of a property. In contrast to that, there are many online agencies that charge a flat rate of a few hundred pounds up front. In exchange they provide you a wide range of services, which includes home visits and advices on pricing. Just make sure that your online agent spends money on advertising on the popular property portals. 
  • Be pro-active: You have to be little pro-active and not just lean on your agent for the best deals to come your way. Try organising open-house days to attract the right buyers. You also need to advertise the event properly, well in advance.  Giving the home a welcoming and hospitable vibe will do wonders, giving the prospective buyers a taste of what they could have.
  • Make the prospective buyers feel comfortable: Letting agents in SE1suggest, you should make every effort to make the prospective buyers comfortable, when they come to see your property. Avoid things like making dinner and doing the laundry when you have a viewing. And most importantly never ask them to take off their shoes! 

The tips, if be followed properly, can help you get the best deals for selling your home, any time of the year.