Common Student Accommodation Myths Revealed

 Jun 06, 2017
Common Student Accommodation Myths Revealed

Student life is a difficult journey particularly for the ones who need to stay away from their house and rent an accommodation for comfortable living. There involves lots of responsibilities with renting a house and you should be aware about your rights as a renter. Check out 5 common myths about renting as a student.

  • Landlord wants a guarantor

It depends on the landlord if the tenants need a guarantor. However, students need to know that guarantors will not only guarantee the rent but also everything mentioned on the contract. Generally, students ask their parents to guarantee their rent and as such, it is important to inform them about what is happening with the rental search. This will help them overcome any worries they might have about you, when far away from home. You may talk help of estate agents in London Bridge if you are not able to find the right accommodation.

  • Fewer legal rights being a student

In the UK, every deposit made for rental properties should be put into the tenancy deposit protection scheme by the landlord or agent, as approved by the government. If you want to rent house without the help of an estate agent, check whether the deposit amount has been put into protection scheme. This ensures you do not get burnt during the end of tenancy due to unfair deductions.

  • Landlord can take your deposit amount

According to our estate agents , many students do not know that landlords have no right to take away your deposit amount at the end of tenancy, in case there is some problem with the house. Both tenants and landlord should decide on an agreement about the deductions to be made that provides you with the suitable opportunity to agree on the deductions you don’t approve with, at the end of tenancy. Once you agree to it, the landlord can take the deposit amount.

  • Students can take rent for student-specific houses only

Though every landlord has their own choice who they will rent their house, many will agree to give their property on rent to students. This is because they are obliged by the law to agree on such offers who are interested in their property. Whether they will give their property on rent to a specific person entirely depends on the landlord. Many landlords prefer students as they feel secure to get rent for long-term based on their course duration.

  • You are responsible for the rent payment

If you are sharing the property with your friend, you need to sign a joint tenancy where you will be responsible for paying the full rent every month. In case your friend cannot pay their part of tent, you are responsible to pay for it. It is your responsibility to decide on dividing the rent between you and your room partner.

Thus, if you are renting your house for the first time, it should be an exciting and of course, a funny experience. It can be complicated too if you do not know how the entire process will work. Talk to letting agents in Elephant and Castle before visiting your landlord to decide on which property to take on rent for your stay.