Basic Tips on How to Buy a Home from an Estate Agent

 Apr 21, 2017
Basic Idea on How to Buy a Home from Estate Agents

Are you looking forward to buying a home in London? Then the best thing you can do is approach a real estate agent. These are many such professionals in the city to help you on your mission. Now, if you are wondering exactly how these professionals can help you, just keep reading this blog. This post is mainly for first-time property buyers and is meant to provide them with the basic idea how realty agents can help them in successfully completing their transactions.

  • What estate agents do: These professionals, basically, market and sell land and buildings. In addition to that they will also help you with the relevant paperwork, negotiate with both buyers and sellers in the process of helping them reach an agreement. Moreover, as estate agents in SE17 point out, they can also liaise with your solicitor to close the deal smoothly without any delay. However, they do not deal with surveyors, but usually are able to recommend one if you need one.
  • How much do they charge: As a property buyer, you do not need to pay them fee. They normally charge anywhere in between 0.75% to 3.5% of the selling price to the seller. Therefore, it is equally important for both the parties to shop for a right realtor to ensure the deal goes through smoothly at every stage. With the world at your fingertips, entering a search string like “estate agents near me” will get you many relevant contacts online. You can go through their respective websites and shortlist a few for further interactions.
  • Shortlist and recommend: As a buyer, you can register with as many realtors as you want. But before that, it is better to take a look at the type of houses each one of them offer and also talk to your friends and family for any recommendation. Consistently maintain notes of conversations you will have with them, along with mentioned time and date. This effort will prove helpful down the line when you have to remember what was discussed and agreed.
  • Ask the right questions: When you find the particular property you like, do not hesitate to make further queries on it by asking all question, even if you think it is stupid! Remember, asking the right questions at the initial stages may help you avoid a lot of unwanted complication in future. Some of the most vital questions in this context, include the following:
  • How long the house is on the market?
  • Whether furniture and light fittings etc. will be included in the sale?
  • What are the works to be done on it?

Along with these questions, do not forget to ask about estate agents’ fees involved in the deal. Usually, they do not charge fee from buyers but still it is better to clear all doubts on it well in advance.