5 Top Tips to Help You Find the Right Real Estate Agent

 Apr 05, 2017
 Tips to Help  Right Real Estate Agent

These days, the business of real estate agency in London is severely commercialised. In order to attract greater number of clients, estate agents are putting up adverts in every possible format, everywhere. While driving down the road, you will come across banners and display boards in large numbers at the road sides, as well as receive direct-mail postcards and emails from these businesses. The industry is so competitive that estate agents today have to spend huge amounts on advertising themselves. In this situation, it really becomes tough for ordinary people to see through the gimmicks and recognise a reliable estate agent easily.

Read on to know some great tips that will help you identify an efficient professional easily.

  • 1. See what recent clients had to say about them: There are many platforms to check the estate agents reviews. Their website will often have testimonials from satisfied customers but be sure to check a number of sources to get the most non-bias view of the prospective agent.
  • Know about their licensing and affiliation: After short listing your preferred client, runs a check with the local regulatory body to find out if a prospective agent has any complaint pending against him or faced any disciplinary action. Your query will also answer, whether an agent is licensed to carry out his trade. Working with a licensed estate agent in London Bridge, SE1 or anywhere else, proves to be more helpful for clients than unlicensed ones.
  • Credentials are important: Real estate professionals have their distinct professional specialisation. For example, CRS or Certified Residential Specialist has additional training in handling clients looking for residential properties. SRES or Seniors’ Real Estate Specialists possess expertise to work with clients above 50 years. Accredited Buyers’ Representatives or ABR are the professionals who are authorised to represent buyers in property-related deals. Choose the professional with the right credential to successfully close your deal faster.
  • Experience and expertise: At least the first few years as an estate agent is a learning curve. You should hire someone who is sufficiently experienced in the field and is active within a particular area and that too, for a certain price range. In other words, before hiring your agent, it is important to make sufficient research on him to make sure, you hire the best professional.
  • Checking listings online: It is also important to checkout an agents listings across the web. The best place to check it out is the agent’s own website. Other than that, there are many online real estate databases from where you can get the necessary information. 

Searching an efficient realty agent is certainly difficult but not imposible. If you follow the tips given above, it is more likely that you will land on the best professional, who will successfully close your deal faster.