Residential Realtors Full Management

Rent Protection

We arrange for you to receive rent every month your tenant occupies your property, whether or not they have paid.*

Repossession Service

Should your tenant breach the terms of their Tenancy Agreement under any of the Grounds for possession including anti-social behavior, we arrange legal representation to negotiate re-possession of your property.*

Defended Action

We arrange legal representation to negotiate re-possession of your property even in the event of a defended action.*

Eviction of Squatters

We arrange legal representation to negotiate your legal rights to evict anyone who is not entitled to live at your property.*

Property Damage

We arrange legal representation to negotiate your legal rights after any event which causes more than £1,000 (one thousand pounds) of physical damage to your property. *

Legal Defense

We arrange legal representation to defend your legal rights should an event arise from letting your property that leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court *

24/7 Helpline Services

Whilst your property is occupied we arrange access to helpline services which include legal advice, tax advice, domestic assistance and counselling.

Management Visits

We arrange to visit the property and report in writing within three months of the tenancy starting and then not less than once every 3 months whilst the tenancy remains in force and always provided that your tenant grants access.

Award Winning Maintenance Reporting System

The system provides guidance for tenants on their responsibilities and explains how they can fix simple issues themselves creates detailed reports for agents and contractors, helping to resolve the issue on the first contractor visit translates tenant repair requests from 40+ languages into English in seconds - more infor can be found


We manage routine maintenance work using our approved contactors. We will agree a delegated spend limit with you above which we will seek your approval before instructing contractors (except for cases of genuine emergency when we will exercise discretion to instruct any reasonable work to keep your tenant and your property safe).

Payment of Bills

We settle property specific bills that are your responsibility by deduction from rental income.

Tenancy Matters

We manage all day to day contact with your tenant and endeavor to resolve all routine matters arising during the tenancy.

Check Out

We arrange to check the Inventory and Schedule of Condition at the end of the tenancy, report on any work required and put a value on the deductions we recommend should be claimed against the Security Deposit.

Damage Disputes

We will liaise between you and your Tenant in the event of a dispute concerning the return of a Security Deposit subject to the rules of a Government Approved Deposit Scheme.

Gas, Electric, Water and Council Tax Liability

We manage the transfer of billing liability between you and the tenant at the start and end of tenancies.

Rent Receipting

Your tenants are setup on a Direct Debit for rent payments so we can be sure rent is received, we are notified in realtime should the Direct debit payment be cancelled by your tenants, we account to you for the rent received, less outgoings and our fees accompanied by a statement assessible 24/7 online via the My Area portal on our website.

Credit Control

We pursue unpaid rent through written and telephone contact with your tenant. We will liaise with solicitors in cases requiring legal action.

Gas and Electrical Safety Testing (PAT)

We arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate before the property is first let and then annually. At your option we will arrange portable electrical appliance testing (PAT) and a fixed wiring test.


We conduct identity and credit checks and take up employer and current landlord references.

Tenant Monitor

We arrange for the tenant's credit status to be monitored throughout their tenancy and we will notify you of any serious adverse change in their credit status.

Right for Rent

We carry our UK residency checks.

Tenancy Agreement

We draw up a Tenancy Agreement between you and your tenant and sign the Tenancy Agreement as agent on your behalf.

Security Deposit

We secure a Security Deposit from the tenant as cleared funds when the Tenancy Agreement is signed. We will register the Security Deposit with a Government Approved Deposit Scheme.


We arrange for an Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property, its contents and fixtures and fittings, to be drawn up.

Eviction Service

Where we have recommended a tenant. we take steps to repossess your property if the tenant fails to pay the rent.*